Product Localization

In todays globalized economy, one of the most critical differentiators for success in taking a product to the market is localization. Ensuring optimal performance in the unique economical, cultural and regulatory context of every specific region that the product targets is critical to its marketability. At iLenSys, we enable effective product localization for customers by addressing the technological, legal and cultural factors that impact the design and development of the product. We bring in:

  • Strong technical competencies and expertise in localization process
  • Deep understanding of the functional requirements
  • Strong knowledge of regulatory standards
  • Proven track record in product launch. Our promise – precision in localization, accelerated time to market, and considerable cost savings.

Our services

  • Benchmarking
  • Value Analysis
  • Compliance Study
  • Detailed Design
  • Prototyping & Testing
  • Technical Documentation