Front End Engineering and Design (FEED)

We use FEED approach to detail technical requirements and effectively forecast project cost prior to engineering, procurement and construction. We focus on entire technical activities that take place before designing of the equipment- starting from enquiry to signing of the contract.

Our approach is to effectively manage unique requirements of the client along with evaluation of risks. We execute FEED approach across various industry sectors and provide cost estimates with minimal deviations in planned capital expenditure through accurate analyses of resources, time and technology requirements. Through this approach, we can also help clients in rapid creation of conceptual models along with equipment development.

Our focus – help the customer meet implementation goals, remain within budgets, and achieve operational efficiencies.

Areas of impact:

  • Conduct hazardous operation reviews
  • Prepare cost estimates for projects
  • Evaluate options that will improve return of assets (ROA)
  • Adequately define project requirements