PLM Upgradation and Migration

A key feature of PLM in a fast changing technology and business landscape is hassle-free and error-free migration and upgradation to next generation PLM systems. Moving data from legacy systems to more advanced systems can become cumbersome.

At iLenSys, our PLM Upgradation & Migration services focus on customizing the PLM environment, seamless upgrade to the latest version of PLM software, and quick conversion of non-standard data to PLM setup. We have a proven track record in helping organizations to migrate from one PLM system to another, and/or from an ERP system to a PLM/PDM system. Our experts provide tangible value through their help with controlling costs associated with data migration even while managing data quality through the PLM.

Our services include:

  • Upgrades from older application to newer version
  • Legacy database to software migrations
  • Maintenance of patch updates
  • Data validation and testing
  • Development of custom data and loaders
  • Data and interface migration
  • Major and minor upgrades