Verification and Validation

Verification and validation is the major phase for the product development lifecycle. Verification and validation of design before the manufacturing of the products ensures the product design is right the first time. Under this service we test and verify the applications based on the requirement specifications to ensure that it is working as per the user requirements and deliverables are in line with customer requirement.  In the verification and validation space, our service range across any domain and platform.

At iLenSys, our verification and validation solution is driven by mature process and quality standards such as CMM, BEST and Six Sigma with continuous focus on product integrity. Our design verification, validation and testing services can help you in taking products to the market quicker, capture design flaws and shortcomings at early stages, avoid expensive re-design, reduce cost and mitigate risk. We engage early in product development lifecycle from requirement definition till test execution phase.

Our Verification and validation service include:

  • Engineering analysis
  • Testing services