Provide Engineering Services and solutions that creates sustainable business and social impact for our clients. Provide rewarding opportunities and excellent work culture for our associates. Focus on our areas of expertise and drive excellence by continuously learning and enhancing our products and solutions. Measure success by our customer satisfaction.


We are a team that values integrity, business ethics, innovation and seek customer satisfaction as a trademark of our business. At iLenSys, we respect and value our associates and ensure they feel empowered to work towards delivering our commitments. We are committed to continuous learning, engineering excellence and providing the best solutions to our customers.


Looking for a strategic engineering & technology partner, who

  • Understands your business, industry, priorities, and growth plans
  • Serves as a one-stop-shop for design, engineering, and marketing support with expertise across all stages of product lifecycle
  • Brings a unique combination of cutting edge skills in R&D, Digital technologies, and Engineering
  • Delivers solutions that combine quality, industry insight, service excellence and operational efficiencies

We Rely On...

  • A world-class, globally competitive engineering, research and design talent pool
  • A flexible, global delivery model
  • Best-in-class tools, technologies, and methods; and robust processes
  • Exceptional design & development experience across niche domains like Bulk Material Handling, Static Equipment, Ref & Cooling Technologies and Plastics & Labwares
  • Functional excellence in product design, embedded systems, instrumentation & control engineering, environmental compliance, and virtual reality and digital 3D interactives

We Believe In…

  • Serving our customers with a commitment to keeping them first, and measuring our success by their satisfaction
  • Building deep, sustainable and long-term customer relationships based on trust, collaboration, and quality
  • Providing strategic solutions and creating sustainable business and social impact
  • Serving as a one-stop-shop for the global organizations to meet their R&D endeavours

We Offer…

  • Flexible, Scalable, Reliable engineering services and solutions
  • 24/5 team work and productivity
  • Accelerated service delivery through Global Deliver and Agile Methodologies
  • High quality yet cost effective Product Development and Engineering Project Execution
  • Solutions that works on its own and/or drive service excellence
  • End-to-end solutions, from ideation to manufacturing to marketing, powered by tried, tested and trusted expertise

We Enable…

  • Engineering excellence
  • Improved market penetration with faster time to market and higher rate of new product development
  • Increased profitability through accelerated Design, Development, and Manufacturing Support by our teams working as extended R&D departments

Our Culture

Driven by values, Global standards, and freedom to innovate and contribute - is the foundation of our success.

A Culture Of Values

  • Integrity in everything we do
  • Equal, open, and supportive environment without any bias
  • Meritocracy with equal opportunities to excel and grow with reward for performance
  • Commitment to customer satisfaction with focus on quality of work product and on-time delivery
  • Focus on continuous learning as well as implementation of the learning
  • Collaboration and cross-functional approach, where experts and teams from different service areas and domains work together to build stronger solutions and learn together

A Culture Of Excellence

  • We commit ourselves to evolving global standards, including ISO standards, and industry best practices
  • We strive to meet our customers’ standards and exceed expectations
  • We constantly upgrade our knowledge and stay at the cutting edge of new technologies to deliver our best to our customers. Our professionals are challenged to explore different methodologies and technologies, innovate, and interface with the customers directly

our people

Our people are our biggest strength and our competitive differentiator. We attract and retain talent with deep technical expertise, a can do attitude, and commitment to excellence. We offer them a stimulating and collaborative work environment where they are encouraged to learn from each other and inspired to exceed customer expectations.

Our People are differentiated by:
  • Our emphasis on their growth and development
  • Our approach of looking at each professional as unique individual who adds value to the organization, client and community
  • Deep technical expertise across a multiple skillsets and vast experience in delivering projects globally
  • Diverse strengths and multi-tasking, supported by a resource deployment methodology of right talent for the right assignment and ability to work on parallel assignments

As the competency profile of our people is our competitive edge, we carved a niche with the way we build, enhance and sustain our competencies through a culture of learning, coaching and mentoring. Our highly experienced technology and R&D experts serve as cross-functional mentors and coaches to all the project teams and support in enhancing the competencies of our professionals.


At iLenSys, our professionals write their own stories of career advancement. We look at every individual as unique and endeavour to provide them an enabling culture that brings out their best. Our people are the bed rock of our growth and excellence. Check out their stories.

Shwetha G
Associate Lead Consultant

I started my career with iLenSys. I have been here since 5 years because of the wonderful work environment with great colleagues and friendly managers. Continuous learning opportunities that help me enhance my knowledge are the main drivers to get me to work every day. I get the opportunity to get involved in lot of customer interactions. I am proud to be a part of organization with long term goals and strong values.

Manager- Customer Engagement

My four year journey with iLenSys has been wonderful and continuing. During this journey I could recognise my strengths and add great value to the clients – because our environment inspires us to generate ideas, take calculated risks and assume ownership. We as ONE team CHEER, PLAY, COMPETE, LEARN and PROVIDE solutions by meaningfully utilizing our time to achieve COMMON GOALS. Kudos to iLenSys leadership team for making this a great place to work as team.

Associate Lead Consultant

It has been exciting to work at ILenSys for almost 3 years – gaining invaluable experience and being a part of the company’s constant growth, changes and pleasant surprises. ILenSys offers an enjoyable and engaging working environment – great colleagues, growth and development, opportunities to think out of box and find new ways to achieve the best results for the clients.

Associate Lead Consultant

It is close to three years since my joining iLenSys. I have been introduced me to the world of engineering in the best possible way. And I can firmly say that I am a better professional today than when I joined the organization. No challenge seems too tough and no problem looks too big. A great part of working at iLenSys is the great people around you. They become your best buddies and help you navigate through the day no matter how challenging it is. In short the ride with iLenSys is an adventure that propels you towards your goals.

Vijesh Venugopal
Manager- Customer Engagement

My journey with iLenSys has indeed a life enriching experience. ILenSys has given me the right platform to explore, inspired to share my thoughts and ideas, to identify new solutions and to contribute to the growth of organization. Over these years I got opportunities to work with some of the great minds which helped me to continuously learn, grow, and develop as a better professional and as an individual. I can proudly say that I work for an organization that encourages being innovative, gives the freedom to do things the way you want to, which indeed helps to work towards your goals. Joining iLenSys has been one of the best decisions of my life!

Bala Krishna
Senior Lead Consultant

It has been a pleasure working with iLenSys with its great colleagues and supportive management. I have seen the organization growing tremendously and I have grown my career alongside its growth. I was always given opportunities and challenges to learn and work on a wide range of projects; develop my technical and leadership skills.

Sandeep Arroju
Associate Lead Consultant

What makes iLenSys stand out is that every single employee has a stake in the company’s success. Working at iLenSys feels like being part of a family. ILenSys is a company where you will be inspired, feel energized and be happy. Each and every associate is respected and his or her contribution is considered important.The company offers many growth and development opportunities and a chance to learn how to think out of box and always find new ways to achieve the best results.In fact, it has been 5 years since I joined this organisation as a fresher; it has shown me my hidden capabilities, made me a professional and brought me to places.Unlike other organizations, each person is in the heart of the decision making process.It has been exciting to work at iLenSys almost from the beginning and to see and be part of the company’s constant growth, changes and pleasant surprises.There is no doubt this is a hands-on company whose staff members from the top down can practically tackle anything that comes in their way.

Karthik Kumar
Lead Consultant

I was lucky to begin my career at iLenSys and I am honored to be a part of this organization. The six years I have been with iLenSys are the most rewarding and best learning years of my career. We are recognized for the value we bring to the company, consistently given opportunities to contribute to a diverse range of projects, and accept new, exciting challenges. I am delighted in the diversity of my work which centered on incredible growth potential for both me and the company. I value working with our customers and am thankful for the strong, supportive relationship I have been able to develop with my managers. Our leadership always make themselves available for questions and insights. I have had an excellent professional journey which truly reflects the company’s recognition and support of my work and motivates me to continue perform at my best.

Associate Lead Consultant-Technical Publications

I have been working iLenSys for more than two years now. Though I worked earlier with a Fortune 500 company, I took the leap of faith as I was given the confidence that I will be able to put my learning into practice more effectively. And today, I am happy that I made the right decision. iLenSys helped me discover my strengths and put them into practice. The organisation is open to new ideas and does not restrict an employee’s creativity. It does not make me feel like a drop in the ocean, but, makes me feel that my efforts are more valued. It has been a memorable journey so far helping me to grow personally and professionally. The environment is very friendly and co-operative and gives you the freedom to speak your mind irrespective of the hierarchy.