Electrical engineers play a critical role in creating the products individuals use in their everyday lives. Electrical circuitry in the equipment is getting more complex while adhering to stringent industry standards. These professionals can be involved in several stages, product design and development to testing, and later, in the manufacturing process for electrical and electronic equipment.

iLenSys provides a wide range of integrated Electrical & Electronics engineering services across multiple industries such as Medical, Industrial, and Automation & Controls. The breadth of our electrical engineering services consist of turn key electronics product engineering, Hardware engineering, Firmware engineering, Component engineering, Harness Engineering, ECAD, Verification & Validation and Proto manufacturing. Our electrical team comprises with in-depth knowledge of standards, and best-in-class tools and technologies.

  • 100+ man years of experience in electronic product engineering, embedded design and development
  • 3+ dedicated labs for performing functional testing, environmental testing and pre-compliance testing equipped with relevant power supplies, DSOs and measuring instruments


  • Hardware Engineering
  • Firmware Engineering
  • Verification & Validation
  • Harness Engineering
  • Component Engineering
  • Instrumentation & Control

We serve

  • Static & Rotating Equipment
  • Bulk Material Handling
  • Refrigeration & Cooling Technology
  • Medical Equipment & Devices
Hardware Engineering

Hardware engineering is not just limited to the designing and development of embedded systems, but also to integrate the various devices for the functioning of the entire business system. Our electrical engineering team possess the expertise to meet your hardware circuitry needs from concept to realization. With the support of our dedicated test labs, we validate the hardware products before integration and then deliver it.

Our Capabilities:
  • Requirements gathering and Hardware Architecture finalization
  • Electronic circuit design – Schematic Entry
  • Design Verification and validation (Alpha design)
  • PCB layout
  • Proto manufacturing (With channel partners)
  • Proto BOM procurement and assembly
  • Board bring up with test jig
  • Modifications on Alpha boards
  • Updation of Alpha design (schematic, BOM, Gerber)
  • Release of Beta design
  • Proto development of Beta design.
  • Release of final design (Schematic, BOM, Gerber)
Firmware Engineering

Utilize our industry experts with experience in architect, design, implement and test products firmware. Our team helps to accelerate  time-to-market, improve software robustness and decrease total cost of ownership.

Our Capabilities:
  • Requirements gathering and Firmware Architecture finalization
  • Finalization of Board Support Packages (BSPs)
  • Development of BSPs on reference boards
  • Algorithms finalization
  • Application development – APIs using Best software practices
  • Final application development.
  • Testing the final application with Alpha boards and release of Alpha code.
  • Modifications in Alpha code.
  • Release of Beta code
  • Testing of Beta code with Beta boards
  • Release of final Code after successful testing
Verification & Validation

Verification and validation is the major phase for the product development lifecycle. Verification and validation of design before the manufacturing of the products ensures the product design is right the first time. Under this service we test and verify the applications based on the requirement specifications to ensure that it is working as per the user requirements and deliverables are in line with customer requirement.  In the verification and validation space, our services range across any domain and platform.

At iLenSys, our verification and validation solution is driven by mature process and quality standards such as CMM, BEST and Six Sigma with continuous focus on product integrity. Our design verification, validation and testing services can help you in taking products to the market quicker, capture design flaws and shortcomings at early stages, avoid expensive re-design, reduce cost and mitigate risk. We engage early in product development lifecycle from requirement definition till test execution phase.

Our Verification & Validation Service include:
  • Engineering analysis
  • Testing services
Harness Engineering

Traditionally, harness was manually assembled on the production line. As a result, the assembly time was long, the quality was inconsistent. Over time, manufacturers began to use small localized wire harness manufactures to help with samples and production needs. Here consistency of production would often depend on tribal knowledge and processes were not routinely documented. With advancing technology, there has been a much needed shift in the development process by incorporating the wire harness design in earlier stages. Through the use of advanced software, integrating the harness into the design helps with better definition of the requirements and specification phases of a project, as well as overall harness design and assembly. This process results in a more automated and higher quality harness design that reduces product assembly labour content.

Our Harness team supports design activities starting from simple tasks such as updating wiring diagram to being integral team of new product development programs to support all design related activities. We have dedicated harness laboratory for performing different related tasks.

Harness Design Process Flow:
Component engineering

Rapid change in technology and disruptive innovations may lead to obsolescence of components. Identifying alternates, redesign effort, last time buy and implementing changes are time consuming activities and having an impact on current active projects of design team. Our component engineering services address these problems by doing proactive BOM scrub, which helps to plan and execute obsolescence project effectively with limited effort from design team.

Our Capabilities:
  • Efficiently identify components(parts), suppliers and understand component availability
  • Provide insight to all relevant technical parameters of a component
  • Provide insight to EOL (End of Life), RoHS, REACH information of component
  • Identify alternative to Fit, Form and Function (FFF) by technical parameters
  • Manage BOMs through batch processing
  • Identify components by product line
  • Ensure compliance with specifications and standards
  • Obsolescence Management
  • Reusable data across the organisation to save time, remove complexity and work efficiently
  • Accurate and credible content – for better informed decision leads to cost optimization
  • Access comprehensive up to date information
Our Products:
  • Component Management Tool
Instrumentation & Control

With the ever increasing modernisation of industry, scope of I&C is increasing. Nature of work of an instrumentation engineer ranges from designing, developing, installing, managing equipment’s that are used to monitor and control machinery. Our engineers work with goal of improving the productivity, reliability, safety, optimization and stability. Our I&C experts team make use of the advanced tools & software’s and follow the international standards to develop the right design for your industrial automation solution.

Our Design Services:
  • Preliminary Drawings:

Preparation of load lists, Load distribution
Single line diagrams
Network Architecture & Configuration layout

  • Detailed Drawing:

Multi line diagrams for power, control & safety circuits
Electrical Equipment & component specifications
I/O schedules and logic diagrams

  • Reports:

Equipment lists & BOM
Layouts – Cable layout, interface layout
Automatic report generation through design software like Part list
Terminal diagrams, Cable diagrams, etc.

Our Automation Services:
  • PLC,HMI & SCADA Engineering
  • Safety Systems & Drives Engineering
  • Documentation & Specification of above control system
  • Operator training & 24X7 support