Mechanical & Electronics Engineering

Engineering education has been changing with time. Students are challenged significantly once they move to the real-time industrial environment. Rarely they have a good platform for connecting theory to the real-world applications, they lack appreciation for the fundamentals they have learned. To overcome this challenge iLenSys through its Product Application Center (PAC), combined with its digital learning solution created “CurriculumPlus”.

CurriculumPlus is an innovative, cost effective method that complements lecture-based education. It brings comprehensive industry knowledge into the college campus and enables application-oriented learning for engineering students. It is the platform to bridge the gap of practical learning for students and mould them to be confident and industry ready engineers. This learning solution is aimed at addressing student’s difficulties in connecting engineering concepts learnt with real world engineering applications and scenarios. CurriculumPlus supports industries by providing them technical-savvy engineers with strong knowledge in fundamentals and ability to connect and comprehensively apply those fundamentals to real-world engineering problems.


CurriculumPlus – Mechanical Engineering – Learning Approach

Concepts from Core Subjects are linked to real-world applications

CurriculumPlus – Electronics Engineering – Learning Approach

Our Solutions


  • Circuit Theory
  • Electron Devices
  • Electronic Circuit I
  • Electronic Circuit II
  • Liner Integrated Circuits
  • Digital Electronics and Logics Circuits
  • Micro Processor & Micro Controller
  • Signal Processing
  • Analog Communication Systems
  • Digital Communication Systems
  • Measurements & Instrumentations
  • Sensors & Transducers
  • Control Systems
  • Power Electronics


For Students

  • Application learning improves students critical thinking and quick comprehension abilities
  • Allow students to connect with applications immediately and appreciate the concepts while they learn theory
  • Students will be able to apply theory learned to practical design and functionalities
  • Ensures students to become confident and industry-ready engineers

For Institutions

  • Imparting practical and application-oriented knowledge through Product Application Center (PAC)
  • Enables faculty with application content
  • Enhanced brand-image making the institute a sought-after destination for the top recruiters, best faculties and quality students

For Industry

  • Industry-ready engineers adept at absorbing technologies and shorter gestation to become productive