Challenges and Problem Statement

Product compliance with environmental regulations is mandatory requirement which need to be addressed from design to supply chain. New regulations are constantly emerging, making it increasingly difficult for organizations to have a holistic view of their obligations and requirements. The biggest challenge is managing data. It is very important to comply with the environmental compliance requirements for the current and future regulations of the parts and products.

Our Solution
iLenSys compliance experts collect compliance data from suppliers in different formats like IPC 1752A, IEC 62474 and declarations to check materials compliance (with EU-REACH, EU-RoHS and other country specific regulations).
Implementing an effective environmental compliance management solution to ensure compliance of products with existing as well upcoming regulations. iLenSys environmental compliance software will help you to manage data and generate compliance reports with ease. This will also ensure reported compliance information is always updated.

we help with
  • Environmental data collection from suppliers and store in compliance tool after validation of its correctness.
  • Tracking regulatory changes to keep compliance of parts/products updated regularly.
  • Reporting environmental compliance of products/BOM to customers.  Also help to provide custom reports as per customer requirements.
  • iLenSys risk assessment strategy help to study compliance of parts where insufficient data available.
  • We also work with standard laboratories for testing of high-risk parts.
We follow the following process starting with receipt of BOM for compliance study
Proactive Compliance management & Reporting
  • Environmental data collection portal for suppliers.
  • Maintaining product BOM in tool.
  • Regular updates as per changes in regulations.
  • Automated requests to supplier environmental compliance data.
  • Subscriber access for product compliance status and reports.
  • Parts and supplier categorization for risk.
Value Proposition
  • Complete ownership of product/BOM for end to end management of environmental compliance.
  • Comprehensive software solution for compliance management and reporting.
  • Regular software updates with new features as well as on time updates for any changes in regulations like EU-REACH, EU-RoHS, China-RoHS etc.
  • Dedicated compliance experts team to study compliance of all the parts in BOM i.e. purchased as well as in-house/manufactured parts using risk assessment.
  • Working with standard laboratories for testing of high-risk parts.
  • For any more information and support requirements please Send us E-mail