In Mechanical Engineering, rising operational costs are now forcing many industries to look beyond traditional approaches and seek new ways to improve the efficiency of their product engineering, shorten product development timelines and gain early advantage. This includes optimizing their R&D efforts and developing products faster, better and more cost-effectively.

iLenSys Services can seamlessly become an extension of your engineering team to provide you with significant  value. We offer mechanical engineering services with end-to-end capabilities throughout your product’s development lifecycle by using advanced 3D software. We utilize a wide range of design and analysis techniques ranging from basic engineering calculation to complex numerical modeling. Our team comprises experts with a strong foundation in mechanical engineering, as well as functional and industry-specific domain knowledge and standards. With the strong fundamental knowledge and certified engineers across various engineering industries, we act as a one-stop shop for mechanical engineering services.


Our Capabilities Include

  • Product Design
  • 3D CAD Modelling
  • New Product Development
  • Value Engineering
  • Design Automation
  • CAE Analysis
  • Reverse Engineering
  • 3D Printing & Prototyping

We serve

  • Static & Rotating Equipment
  • Bulk Material Handling
  • Refrigeration & Cooling Technology
  • Medical Equipment & Devices


Our industrial design team help our customers go to market with unmatched strength and confidence through innovative,
quality and global appeal product designs. We design new products from scratch and work on the proof of concept
for making it a working model and we enhance the existing products
to make them professional, user friendly and more appealing in a competitive market.


Concept Ideation,
Sketching & Rendering
Concept Design

3D MODELlING and Drafting

Our engineers have strong knowledge across all aspects of mechanical design, hands-on expertise in the latest CAD tools, and a proven track record in delivering comprehensive solutions. We curate essential information from all mechanical design projects along with all specifications and calculations, build our solutions on strong engineering fundamentals, and strive to deliver a consistent manufacturing design that exceeds expectations. We also provide detailed design support for new product initiatives along with improvements in existing products in the market.

Key aspects of iLenSys Drafting Support:
  • 3D Modelling
  • Concept Design
  • Detailed manufacturing drawings
  • Design calculations
  • Legacy Conversion
  • Architectural drawings
  • Revit file conversion
  • Preparation of general arrangement drawings (GA drawings)
  • Preparation of bill of materials
  • Specification sheet (Spec sheet)
  • Geometric dimension and tolerance (GD & T), Stack-up and dimensioning

Reverse Engineering

Reverse engineering is an important step to extract the design data from a finished component. iLenSys has extensive experience across industries in digitizing a wide range of products from cubic millimeters to cubic meters. We capture the product design information such as dimensions, features, material properties, and performance parameters. We rely on our strong expertise in mechanical skills and advanced computer-aided tools for a wide range of geometries. We help our customers identify the design intent of a product and deliver manufacturing drawings through 3D scanning and CMM techniques.

Our Reverse Engineering services include:
  • Design optimization through existing product design
  • Designing of new part to replace legacy parts
  • Reverse engineering through tear down analysis
  • Obtaining CAD data that takes an object’s non-duplicated design
  • Upgrading of CAD models in line with shop floor changes
  • Surface and material analysis
  • Restoring of obsolete design data
  • Modernizing of manufacturing processes
  • Creating manufacturing drawings with DFM and DFA considerations

New Product Development

With the increasing focus on sleek size, performance, safety and usability, mechanical designs are playing a key role in defining the success of the product in the market. Hence mechanical engineering is demanding more attention in the new product development process. Our innovative team of new product development provides a wide range of offerings from conceptualization, analysis, detailed engineering, prototyping and testing. Our expertise services are based on addressing the customer’s needs thoroughly and being committed to solving their challenges which results in delivering a global standard product.

  • Conceptualization
  • Design analysis
  • Detailed engineering
  • Prototyping
  • Validation & Testing

Virtual Validation (CAE)

Precision and perfection are made easy with our Virtual Validation (CAE) service. It enables users to simulate, validate, and optimize products and manufacturing tools. Our engineering analysis services address various issues related to product design, development and manufacturing. Our experts validate and refine any mechanical design before making a physical prototype testing, this helps to manage risk and understand the performance implications of your designs. This enables earlier problem resolution, which can dramatically reduce the costs associated with the product lifecycle.

Our Various offerings:
  • Structural Analysis
  • Static and Nonliner analysis
  • Thermal analysis
  • Contact analysis