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Technology advancement and changes in technologies are happening at much faster rate than NPD refresh or product upgrades and that leads to obsolescence issues. The challenge is more prominent for low volume and legacy products. Addressing these challenges is often done in reactive mode rather than as a planned process. Obsolescence issues can cause Production delay and that leading to potential revenue lost, unplanned last time buy, and excessive inventories that can lead to significant capital lost
we follow the following comprehensive framework for proactive obsolescence management
Our Solution

Implementing an efficient proactive obsolescence management is the best long-term solution to sustain product’s parts throughout its lifecycle. iLenSys experienced team with help of our software tool perform proactive obsolescence for Bill of Materials to avoid using parts which are nearing to obsolescence and thus not recommended for new designs. This forecast also includes finding a second source alternative for components

We help with
  • Providing proactive obsolescence analysis for parts including Electrical, Electronics, Electro-Mechanical, Software/Firmware and Mechanical
  • Suggesting compatible alternative components
  • Supporting supply chain with inventory planning, dual sourcing and risk tracking for the critical parts
  • Working on redesign to facilitate new components and systems
  • Planning design refresh cycles based on the forecasted risks
  • Continuous monitoring of the obsolescence risks

Automated BOM Upload: Using API’s automate the BOM upload from ERP tool to our product, this eliminates any BOM item mismatch and manual errors. Manual upload options also provided as part of BOM management workspace Automated PCN and EOL Alerts and Notifications: Subscribers receive automated Product Change Notification (PCN) and End-of-life (EOL) product alerts for early warning on future obsolescence.

Critical Components ListCritical components of a given product BOM are identified for life cycle forecasting and continuous monitoring

Parts Availability ProjectionsFor critical components, review up to date parts availability along with projections

Forecasting & Continuous Monitoring: Life cycle of the critical parts are forecasted for the obsolescence risks and continuously monitored

My DashboardSee a graphical representation of your BOM’s health-parts, manufacturers and life-cycle status

Benefits of Applying Combination of Short Term Mitigations and Design Refresh
functional upgrade

While addressing obsolescence issues through design refresh and redesign our team will also look at additional upgrade opportunities and come up with recommendations. Functional upgrades are identified by looking at quality/warranty issues related to obsolescence identified parts; coverage of obsolescence parts in planned NPDs; technology upgrade and cost optimization opportunities

value proposition
  • iLenSys comprehensive approach towards obsolescence management will help reduce the cost of managing the obsolescence up to 40% over the period of products life cycle
  • Gain efficiencies through common obsolescence approaches, processes and tools across and between business units/divisions
  • iLenSys ATOM® software tool helps identify, forecast and continuously monitor critical parts obsolescence risks systematically
  • Early identification of obsolete parts will reduce parts shortages issues and manage the supply chain effectively
  • More control on safety critical parts with continuous monitoring and risk prioritization approach will eliminate regulatory exposure risk

  • Results in more resolutions and time to respond to obsolescence related risks and issue

  •  Design refresh plans and functional upgrade recommendations will ensure to keep the product