The requirement for sustaining engineering services increases, as enhancing existing products throughout the product lifecycle is a major activity for businesses. For many engineering organizations, supporting older designs can become a large distraction from new product development that supports higher revenue and profitability.

Our sustaining engineers take complete ownership of sustenance and offer tangible benefits. Our expertise helps in extending the product life and customer satisfaction, enhance existing products with new features to provide continued value-add to customers.

Our Capabilities Includes

Cost reduction & Value Engineering
Obsolescence/ End of Life Management
Cost Reduction & Value Engineering

Cost-cutting is challenging, but iLenSys helps remove cost from your business without compromising the customer experience you deliver or the business value it builds. We help companies to maintain their competitive edge by reducing operational costs and corporate risk to improve profit performance. Our industry expertise  team helps companies with a solutions which will effectively and immediately reduce cost and risk resulting in significant bottom line profit improvement.

Our Cost Reduction Techniques includes:
  • Design benchmark, tear down analysis
  • Standardization and design reuse
  • Parametric cost analysis
  • Should costing methods
  • Design for manufacturing and assembly
  • Value analysis and engineering
Total Cost Management:
  • Material cost – raw materials, parts from suppliers
  • Transportation (parts from supplier to plant and finished product from plan to dealers/customers)
  • Packaging (parts packaging from suppliers, repackaging, finished product packaging) and handling cost
  • Import/export tax for parts and products
  • Inventory – parts inventory, WIP, finished products inventory – Inventory carrying cost, capital opportunity cost
  • Cost of quality – Rework, scrap, warranty
  • Depreciation
  • Supplier development cost
  • Cost of unavailable parts
Value Analysis and Value Engineering:

iLenSys Value Analysis/Value Engineering  is a service that identifies areas of high costs and help to eliminate them.  Our high skilled engineers provide creative problem-solving solutions which results in lower cost, there by improving product profitability and increasing margins. Along with cost, our team  also helps in reducing time-to-market and expedite technology adaption. The value of a product can be interpreted in different ways by different people. Its common characteristic is its high performance, capability, emotional appeal, style, etc. relative to its cost.

This can also be expressed as maximizing the function of a product relative to its cost.


Electronic components are constantly changing, causing parts to go End of Life (EOL) for various reasons. This is the final stage of the product’s existence. Electronic product manufacturers must be agile to keep their product BOMs (bill of materials) up to date . At iLenSys, our expertise perform the BOM watch and identify the troublesome EOL parts, find a replacement part and update the BOM to reflect the necessary changes.

Our engineers capabilities includes:
  • Proactive changes: Proactively analyses BOM to identify alternates for obsolete parts
  • Complexity of Changes:

Level 1 – Drop in replacement
Level 2 – Replacement that requires testing
Level 3 – Redesign

  • Reactive Changes: Sourcing or supplier informs about obsolete parts and the component team works on identifying alternates
Benefits of EOL Management:
  • Proactive change management helps to minimize production stoppage and unplanned outages in line
  • Helps core R&D team members to focus on other revenue generating activities rather than addressing EOL issues
  • High priority running changes consume considerable core team & cross functional team’s efforts
  • Proactive changes consumes lesser time (3X) than reacting to the obsolescence issues at later stage

iLenSys supports quality team and production management to reduce warranty cost by analysing field issues and execute projects to address them. We also supports product robustness improvement to resolve safety and quality issues faced by production line as well. Our services helps customers with reduced service call rate, improved customer experience, improved inventory management and operator safety.

  • End to end quality project execution includes
    •      Root cause analysis
    •      Fault analysis
    •      Understanding warranty cost and service call rate
  • Processing technical questions from field includes
    •      Supporting product manager and service